From the Agents of SHIELD Blooper Reel

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M*A*S*H rewatch1x18 - ‘Dear Dad… Again’

"I don’t want you to think this is a madhouse, Dad. We’re nowhere near that organised."

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Abandoned Victorian Style Greenhouse, Villa Maria, in northern Italy near Lake Como. Photo taken in 1985 by Friedhelm Thomas

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if you follow the paintbrush with your eyes while not moving your head, it forces you to use emdr which is a therapeutic technique to calm anxiety/panic. watching fish swim causes the same effect.

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when a really good storyline is ruined by an unnecessary/forced romantic subplot


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Was digging through my old work folder and came across these roughs from last summer. They were originally going to be shown at a theme-park gallery run by a company that rhymes with “Bisney”. Needless to say, there was some weirdness with contract stuff and the project fell through. Thought it would be fun to share these anyhow!

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i’m ready.

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Cities Collection: D

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